Patient Resources

Participating in an HIE can help you have a better understanding of your health and your family's health by providing you with a means to manage your health information. SHINE of Missouri will also allow your health care providers to share health information across various health care settings. You should realize the following benefits through participating in the HIE and using myMOHealtheRecords:

  • The emergency room doctor and care team would be able to quickly access your health history.
  • You and your doctor could access an accurate list of medications in order to prevent harmful drug interactions.
  • You may avoid duplicate medical tests.
  • A new doctor could review your health history prior to your visit.
  • You could easily access your and/or your children's immunization records.
  • Your doctor could be warned of potential allergic reactions.
  • You could obtain access to your medical information if your records are lost (e.g., in a fire or natural disaster) or if you are out of town.
  • Your lab results, reports or x-rays could be easily shared among health care providers.
  • You could securely store and manage health information for yourself and/or any loved ones in whose care you are involved.
  • You could easily share information with various health care providers across state lines.